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How to File a Lawsuit with CRPS / RSD Attorney John Gehlhausen

Filing a lawsuit can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Those with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy must prove that their constant, intolerable pain is due to another’s negligence, a complicated task since the condition is misunderstood by many in the medical community. John Gehlhausen is a highly skilled and compassionate CRPS / RSD attorney with over 26 years of experience representing clients who have developed CRPS / RSD due to the carelessness of another individual. Contact Mr. Gehlhausen to schedule a consultation.

During your consultation, Mr. Gehlhausen will assess your condition and, with his legal knowledge and experience, determine whether you have a case. If you wish to seek damages from the party responsible for your condition, he will compile facts, witnesses, and experts to build a strong case against a liable defendant on your behalf to attempt to prove that the defendant is legally responsible for your CRPS / RSD.

In law, it is the plaintiff’s responsibility to prove that the defendant is liable, or responsible, for an injury and the subsequent health problems that follow as a result of the injury. Some of the factors that can be relevant to proving liability include:

  • The expertise and experience of the defendant (e.g., medical professionals)
  • Sole or comparative responsibility, for cases where more than one party caused an injury
  • Whether the defendant’s actions were a direct cause of the accident
  • Where and how the accident occurred

Mr. Gehlhausen has experience effectively proving a negligent defendant’s liability in CRPS / RSD cases. CRPS / RSD provides enough frustration and pain in the lives of those who suffer from it. If you suffer from this condition, contact John Gehlhausen, a CRPS / RSD attorney who will tirelessly fight on your behalf for the damages you deserve.

Attorney John Gehlhausen, an Experienced CRPS / RSD Lawyer

John Gehlhausen is an accomplished CRPS / RSD attorney with a demonstrated record of successfully proving negligence and securing compensation for his clients’ medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses and expenses. Contact John Gehlhausen, an experienced CRPS / RSD attorney, to schedule a consultation today.